Centralized location for all 3D assets and teams

Vectary workspaces are made for teams to cut down on creative roadblocks, stay organized, transparent and even prepared for the AR/VR future.
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3D asset management and design hub

Organize your projects according to campaigns, clients, project stages, teams or individual team members. Versatile and functional way to keep all your work within reach. Scalable to your business needs or project size. Teams are less likely to duplicate work and everyone will have access to already approved designs.

Access all your assets directly from the editor

All your projects and folders are visible on the left side of the canvas. You do not have to leave the Studio. Just drag and drop any of your designs directly from workspaces. Same process applies for any of the ready-made elements in the Library. Simply move the file over and stay in the flow.

The first ever in-Studio design system for 3D

Reuse your 3D assets - save them as building blocks for future projects. Bring new levels of consistency and scalability for product and web design.
Incredibly useful way of working with multiple clients or projects.

Stay organized even as you scale up

Find what you need, when you need it. Worry-free file storage and project sharing.

Invite others

Use view-only seats and invite others into your design process. Add as many view-only seats as needed for internal and external teams.

Set up user roles

Organize your projects or clients in the workspaces. Assign access to those you need to collaborate or share files with and add view or edit seats as the team grows.

Protect your work

Making sure your 3D projects are safe and protected is always a priority. Our platform undergoes regular security audits, accommodates high traffic and has regular backups.

Quick Search

Having thousands of projects in a workspace is not a problem with the quick search feature. Another way to keep your 3D files organized and accessible for a fast project turn-around.

Version history

Your project is automatically saved in the cloud every minute, and the Version history feature lets you go back to any point in the design process or download a file from a previous version.

Cloud based

Access from anywhere, without file size issues. Ideal for collaboration between large or remote teams. Download any file types you need, make updates and sync across all devices.

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